How is cholesterol measured?

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Okay so, the next group that we're talking about are ones that lower triglyceride. The triglyceride are the fatty particles in your blood. So when we look at your blood you can see the level cream there, it is linked to prediabetes. The big bellies that so many folks have is also linked to high triglyceride so we wanna lower those and will therefore lower the risk of a heart attack.

So we've got whole grains here, we've got walnuts, we also have omega-3 fats, we have the same flaccid oil that has similar healthy Omega-3 fats as well talk to us about about lowering triglycerides. Well people with really high triglycerides without medication, with higher dose of the good fats, sometimes some supplements also can lower their triglycerides dramatically.

But even the non fats, the whole grains in the beginning when we said it should be low fat, high carb, when people were eating the processed carbs, their triglycerides really shot up. It's carbohydrates induce high triglycerides, so the good carbs are also very important to lowering your triglycerides.

All right so we have good fats done, we know how to get the tryglycerides down the blood stream with some healthy food and grains has scored a lowing blood pressure tips now there is a lot of things we can do for this and blood pressure is a number one cause of ageing, but it is also important and I'm going to ask Arthur to talk to us about your clinical practice.

Because this how you change the lives of people like that. So we get whole grains here, we've got fresh vegetables more colorful the better the broccoli of the world, they're low fat yogurts, all of these have huge benefits reducing cholesterol, talk to us how you use them in your practice.

A lot of folks come to see who already had heart attacks, or advanced heart disease. When you put them on this diets do they have heart attacks again? The answer is no, but when somebody has already have a heart attack, we do a full [UNKNOWN] press that may involve medication as well.

You start eating like this from when you're young you don't have a heart attack but I have two friends, one really overweight pre-diabetic, he wants to do everything with medication, if that's just a bandit if he doesn't eat like this he's kaput and others who have a very bad genetic problem and think that they can do everything in the lifestyle, it really, really helps, but they need medication.

I just want to emphasize something you said in the very beginning, people who've already had heart disease begin to eat diets like this, they don't come back for interventions, they may come back say hi, drop your cart off, but this helps reverse the process, doesn't cure it but it helps get you back to the right track.

I have to apologize to the surgeons [LAUGH] >>but which we're all trying to put you out of this I'm sorry. [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] God bless you for doing that. Okay thank you, great advise. We'll be right back and tones more to come, good stuff.