What Type of Plastic Surgeries Can Be Combined?

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It's very common for plastic surgeons to combine procedures to save patients time in the operating room. You can save patients having two different recoveries or more as well as save money too. But the days are kind of creating those swans and those large extreme makeovers, those have actually never really happened because of the potential risks.

Now in my practice, I limit surgeries to about six hours, because we know that when the surgery gets much longer than that then you have a risk of some potential major complications, and the big one being blood clots, and blood clot can actually kill you. Probably the most common procedure that are combined are tummy talks with breast lifts possibly with implants.

And we call the combination the breast enhancement with a tummy tuck a mummy make over. The other times we combine surgeries are typically when we combine facial surgeries so a lot of patients will have a face lift and maybe they will do the eye lids as well. So it's perfectly safe to combine surgeries where you have to be careful though is the length of surgeries.

So, you need to be cautious if someone says hey let's do a tummy tuck, with the breast lifts, with implants, with a face lift, with your arms lifted all at the same time, then you're gotta be concerned that it maybe too much.