What Skin Care Ingredients Can Help Treat Skin Around the Eyes?

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The best ingredients to treat skins around the eyes if you're looking at skin cream, typically as a retinal type of a product. Now one thing that people complain about with their under eyelids skin is darkness underneath, and darkness can occur in our eyelid skin when the skin as we age gets thinner and thinner, becomes actually transparent, so we see the blood vessels underneath.

Good eye creams can function to actually thicken the skin and that decreases the darkness because if the skin gets thicker, so you can see as transparent through the skin as much as you could before. Retinal creams are very good at fixing out bad skin, but they can be somewhat irritating, so if you do take a retinal cream for your eyes, make sure it's specially formulated for the eyes, and if you're getting irritations from it you want to back off of it.