What Should I Know If I'm Considering a Facelift?

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The main thing to consider if you're considering having a facelift performed is that it creates scars, and typically the scars are hidden around the ears and quite often there's a little scar underneath the chin. These scars are permanent. When you're 95 years old, you're still going to have these scars, and especially if you have short hair, these scars may be visible.

In my male facelift patients, I really take a lot of time to counsel them that these scars can be visible. Although on the vast majority of people, especially people with lighter colored skin, these scars do tend to fade with time and at times become almost invisible. When somebody uses the term facelift, we all have different ideas of what that term means.

Some people consider a facelift a brow lift, some people consider it a cheek lift, but the majority of plastic surgeons consider a facelift to be basically a lower face, which means from the cheeks on down, and a necklift. So facelifts do have necklifts built into them. So when you consider the term facelift, it doesn't include your eyebrows typically and not so much your cheeks.