What Does the Fractora Firm Device Do?

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The Fractora Firm is a naval, non surgical face lift device, that allows it to actually tighten up the skin of face, with absolutely no pain, no down time, no anaesthesia, no knives, no cutting, nothing like that. It utilises radio frequency waves to heat up the deeper skin to allow it to contract.

And we recommend a series of six treatments for a maximal effect, although some people see an immediate change just after one treatment.I'm not like a traditional face lift who cost upwards of $10, 000 or more, the Fractora Firm, costs in general about $300 of treatment. So it's a very cost effective way for some people to get some tightening of their skin, now it's not a face lift.

You don't have to undergo 3 to 4 hours of surgery,and a week to two weeks of down time , but it's a very effective treatment for people who don't want to go under the knife, want to save a little bit money, and are okay with having a treatment that isn't quite as dramatic as maybe surgery.