What Are the Common Types of Chemical or Acid Peels?

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There's several, several types of chemical peels on the market, they range from the relatively weak ones that you can buy over the counter and do on yourself, to ones that are done in the office that we call, lunch time peels, where there's no down time with it to peels that will literally burn most of the skin off your face and take you a week or two to heal from it.

In general, the longer the recovery, the more pain, the more change you are going to get. So when people have peels done, some people come in and they'll say I am afraid of having a chemical peel because a friend of mine had a bad reaction, well there're so many peels on the market, that really depends on how invasive or how aggressive that peel is.

Once again, the more aggressive the peel, the more changes that you'll see.