What Should I Know If I'm Considering Liposuction?

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We used to know that dermatologist have been on the forefront of office-based liposuction for over two decaedes and I have developed the type of anesthesia known as tumescent anesthesia, that is used before the Liposuction procedure is begun. Tumescent anesthesia involves the insertion of a needle to get fluid into the treated areas, so that you don't feel liposuction.

It makes that much safer procedure because you are not asleep for the procedure and the areas of multiple areas of the body can be treated at that time. Once the body is anesthetized, the liposuction cannula is inserted into the treated area and it's moved around to remove fat and over multiple different areas.

Once a procedure is finished, usually garments are worn to protect the treated area as well as help remove and give pressure to that excess fluid. You can return to normal activities usually after a week or two of the liposuction procedure and results improve with time.