What Happens Before, During and After Laser Hair Reduction?

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When patients come to my office for laser hair removal, we first have a careful discussion about what areas they want to treat. I then shave the area from the hair that's on the surface of the skin to remove the hair from being singed from the razor, many times we'll treat that area with a numbing cream so that that patient is comfortable throughout the procedure, or we'll have them apply ice for about 5 to 10 minutes if it's a small area.

Before the laser treatment, safety glasses are applied and patient generally cannot see the laser light at that time. The laser is applied onto the skin and some patients feel a slight snap, like a rubber band snapping on the skin and a cold bust of spray afterwards. Following laser hair removal that they love, skin could have a slight sting to it, but this resolve rather quickly and most patients would have a goosebump type of reaction around the hair follicle, showing that the energy was absorbed by that hair follicle and it will eventually stop growing.

This reaction is temporary, resolves usually in a few hours and patients can go about their regular activities. I do advice all patients before any laser treatment to avoid sun exposure before and after laser treatment.