What Are the Benefits of Retinol In Skin Care Products?

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In my opinion, other than daily sunscreen, retinol is the single most important ingredient in combating science of aging of the skin. So we know that retinol can actually help with skin differentiation, it can help make the skin feel less rough, it can help get rid of some fine lines and wrinkles, it can help even at skin tone, and just keep the skin looking younger.

The thing that people with fair skin need to remember though is that retinol can also give people what's called retinoid dermatitis. It can make their skin really itchy and irritated if they use too much of it. So I like to recommend starting maybe every other night, and if the skin can tolerate it, you can build up that to using something with Retinol in it as part of your nightly routine, but very helpful to slow down the signs of aging and it's one of the only ingredients that has been shown in good clinical studies to slow down and even reverse some of the signs of aging.