How Much Sunscreen Should I Wear Every Day?

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Daily sunscreen should really be based on the number as well as the amount and it really depends on what you plan on doing that day. For most people just going to school or the office, you can wear an SPS30 high an SPS30 or higher and to just apply the sun exposed areas such as the face and hands you use them about the size of a quarter.

Now if you are going to be out, exposing your skin to outdoor activity this summer, you need to add and look for a sunscreen that has SPS 50 plus, the FTA has now changed the rules that the highest rate of sunscreen is going to be SPS 50 plus. So look for one of those apply a shot glassful which is one full ounce to all of your skin in 20 to 30 minutes before you leave the house and you'll be protected from sun damage as well as help prevent skin cancer in the future.