What's the Simplest Way to Start Meditating?

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So the simplest way to start meditating regularly is to actually download my app, it's the Headspace app, it's free to download and it's really easy, you can do something called the take 10 challenge, that's just 10 minutes a day for 10 days. And it will be like me, and remember when you sort of learnt to drive a car, there was someone sitting next to you, right, in the car.

When you went a bit too far to the right, they were like come left, when you went a bit too far to the left they were like come right. That will be just the same, I'll be sitting there with you, leading you through each exercise so you can really start to feel a bit more confident in learning.

So the simplest way to get started if you're learning how to meditate, is really important, to find a quiet place where you're going to be undisturbed. It's quite difficult when there are people kind of coming and going the whole time. You sit upright in a chair with your legs and arms uncrossed and your feet flat on the floor, and you can just rest you hands on your legs or in your lap like this.

And to begin with, I'd like you to take just a couple of nice big deep breaths. And once you've done that, what we're going to do is something called a body scan and you start at the top of the head and mentally you're just scanning down through the body noticing which parts of the body feel comfortable, which parts of the body feel uncomfortable.

And what that does, that brings the body and mind together so normally we might be walking down the street but our minds are off over here somewhere we are thinking about a conversation we had yesterday or a place we're going to later, this actually brings the body and mind together and allows us to be in a really good place when we start the meditation.