How Does Meditation Work?

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So meditation works in many different kind of ways. It works on a physiological level, on an emotional level and also on a mental level. The experience of it is normally a quieting of the mind, and as the mind starts to calm down, so as the brain activity sort of decreases, so we get a little bit more clarity, and with clarity comes a little bit more contentment so we tend to feel a little bit more satisfied and kind of at ease with how things are and then something really interesting starts to happen, we start to get a little bit more of an open mind and when our minds open, it's not critical, it's not judgmental, not of other and so we're not caught in up in our own stuff and therefore we've got time for people around us, and that's a really important thing.

Meditation isn't just about us and us having a healthier and happier mind, it's about the relationships in our lives and being there for those around us as well.