How Can Meditation Help Me Relax?

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So meditation can help you relax in many ways. Its probably important to say right at the beginning, that relaxation isn't really the goal of meditation, and that surprises a lot of people. Its actually a by product, side effect of meditation, when we focus the mind in a particular way, when we provide a framework for the mind, then we naturally become less distracted and as we become less distracted, we become less caught up in thought, and therefore the mind slowly quietens down.

A nice analogy you might want to think of, is a still clear pool of water and imagine when you throw a stone into water and you get ripples on the surface. Now we keep throwing the stones, this are our thoughts, we have more and more ripples on the surface and it becomes very hard to see anything at all.

If we stop that, or if that slow down and slowly the ripples begin to calm down and we end up with that clear pool of water that we're looking for.