When Does Masturbation Become a Problem?

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It's unknown if there is too much or too low masturbation, many surveys have shown that nearly 100% of certain populations of men masturbate. It would be very hard to say that masturbation is unacceptable it is so common and it is acceptable for almost every walk of life throughout generations.

However there is a point in psychiatry that will say when it's not adaptive or it's hurting a man in some other way it doesn't have time to do other things, it's not constructive, he can't do his work, it's interfering with his normal relationships, at that point it's not adaptive anymore.

It can certainly be a healthy outlet, but certainly a normal outlet when people are not sexually active with a partner, but if a man has a relationship that is interfering with it, that is interfering with his job if it's not adaptive anymore, certainly masturbation is something that can become repetitive and obsessive for some men.

And when it does that, it certainly could become harmful, it's a hard topic now because pornography has certainly become wide stream and accessible. And masturbation in a different way than it used to be, and very frequent, many hours a day with stimuli that is beyond what men used to have.

This is a different thing altogether and may be masturbation in this group of people who are using porn, it's just a different phenomenon. In that case maybe it's more harmful than we thought, but regular masturbation in the absence of those other features which should not be harmful.