What Are Some Food Substitutions for Corn in my Diet?

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Well first what's happening with a lot of people is they are adopting a gluten free lifestyle and then they are naturally getting more gluten in their diet because many gluten free products contain corn, but they're also getting corn from the fact that corn is really in everything just like gluten is and it's hidden under a lot of different names that you would probably never suspected to be corn, like Natural Flavors, Xanthan Gum, Maltodextrin, Corn Syrup and then of course High Fructose corn syrup.

There's a whole list of foods or names that can be used for corn and you don't even realize you're eating it. So it can be very very difficult to get corn a 100% out of your diet but some of the things that I like to do are switching from even organic meats and chicken to grass fed options and pastries because they're not fed con.

There are also things for carbs that you could switch out like sweet potatoes that will not have this cross re activity reaction and things like making your own cereals granolas from home we have coconuts, flakes and dried fruit and nuts and seeds.