How Can Cutting Down on Sugar Reduce Yeast Overgrowth?

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When you're have yeast, it's kind of a double aged sword, I always have people coming and telling me they are just craving sugar, and I tell them, often it's not there fault, it's actually the yeast that is feeding off of the sugar causing you to crave the sugar. So that's it's main food supply, so many people think of just sugar, but actually you need to think about carbohydrates, and even alcohol and fermented foods, so things like wine and beer are actually convert to sugar very easily, and they are fermented, so they're made with yeast.

So those are absolute no nos when you are trying to control the yeast or get rid of the yeast, and then carbohydrates, I'd like you to mostly get those from vegetable sources rather than from grains, because the grains particularly gluten can easily convert down to sugar and quickly feed the yeast.