Why Should I Avoid Trans Fats?

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Trans fats are fats that have been altered to make them more shelf stable, and it's the primary reason that that's done, and so they are in some kind of margarine for instance, they're found in packaged goods like cookies and crackers. The reason we want to avoid them is that turns out they are very toxic to our arteries.

We used to think that any kind of fat was not that great for us. It turns out many fats are good and healthy and improve the functioning of our cardiovascular system, but trans fats don't, there's no good reason for them, and they're pretty easy to avoid if you watch out for them.

To avoid trans fats, don't rely on a label saying zero trans fats, you would think that is good, right? But it's okay to round down on that label, so you might have an appreciable amount per serving, especially if you eat lots of servings of that. So instead, on the ingredient list, look for the word hydrogenated oil or partially hydrogenated oil.

Those are likely to be chemically altered trans fats.