What Are the Health Concerns About Microwave Popcorn?

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In recent years, there is been a number of merging concerns about microwave popcorn, prepackage microwave popcorn. One of them is the bag itself contain a nonstick lining that can drive PFOA into the popcorn that we eat. PFOA is one of the nonstick chemicals that's has a number of different health effects, and it's estimated that the 20% of the PFOA in our bodies come from microwave popcorn.

My second big concern is with one of the artificial flavorings of Diacetyl[SP?], its an artificial butter flavoring that's been linked to serious a lung disease, Popcorn lung. Especially, in people who get exposed to a lot of it factory workers are people who eat microwave popcorn a couple of times a day, but even a little bit could be irritating to the lungs.

My third big concern is that even though trans-fats have gotten out of most of the grocery store aisles, and most of our food there's still in significant amounts in some microwave popcorn, and look for partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oils in the ingredient list. There are good alternatives, you can buy clean pre-packaged microwave popcorn organic without Diacetyl[sp?], without trans-fats, or it's super easy and convenient to make microwave popcorn yourself.

You just take a quarter cup of kernels, put it in a brown paper bag, fold it over two or three and pop it in the microwave. If you want you could add half a teaspoon olive oil or some salt before doing it, or you can season afterwards with any kind of seasoning you like. We like garlic permason[sp?] or lemon pepper or chilli lime, be creative.

But, making it yourself is cheaper, it costs about 12.5 cents a bag, it tastes better, it's fresh and alive flavorings that you do yourself. It gives you control, it's fun, you can experiment, and you skip the PFOA the diacetyl, the trans fats, chemical preservatives, etc.