How Can Light Affect Sleep?

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Little over 100 years ago when people talked about somebody sleeping like a baby what they meant was sleep all night long soundly and wouldn't wake up even if there was a loud noise well, today, sleep like a baby means wake up crying every few hours, and kids sleep has become a big issue.

Adult sleep has become a big issue in United States. What's changed one of the things that's changed is the invention of electric light, artificial light. We have a circadian rhythm that is reset daily with the hormones rise and fall and enable us to fall asleep and sleep long and deep.

One of those main hormones is Melatonin and what happens is, it starts to rise as the light starts to fall in the evening. But even a minute of the wrong wavelength of blue light that might get from an ordinary light bulb can cause your melatonin levels to [xx] and disorganized for the rest of the night, so if there's a problem sleeping for a baby, a child or adult one of the best things to do is to take control of your light, either get the lights really, really dim, after sunset, or use lights that don't have the blue wavelength in there.