Does Acrylamide Increase the Risk of Cancer?

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We know that high levels of acrylamide increases the risk of cancer in animals. We don't yet know the answer in people. I suspect that it does, so lowering acrylamide just makes good sense. Also besides decrease in toxins I recommend increase in healthful foods in a diet, things like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts and cruciferous vegetables a great choice for this.

Because cruciferous vegetables have compounds in them that have been linked to detoxifying cancer causing chemicals and inhibiting cancer cells themselves. So dual protection. I suggest aiming for at least five servings a week of these. The populations I'm most concerned about are pregnant women and young children.

The EPA has estimated the percentages in general. For kids they're likely to be 10 times more carcinogenic at the same doses, and kids don't get the same doses. For French fries and potato chips those are the most common vegetables eaten by children in the US. So they're the best place to start by cutting down.