Why Your Dog Is Your Best Walking Partner

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clark. Don't have anyone to join you during your daily 30 minute walks? Make a date with man's best friend, your dog. Studies show that dog ownership has some real health benefits. Pet owners tend to handle stress better, be more emotionally stable, and make fewer trips to the doctor. And your dog helps you to stay in shape by being one of the best walking buddies around.

In one study, senior citizens were signed to one of three walking programs. One group walked with a dog, another group walked with a friend, and the last group walked alone. Researchers found that the walkers with canine companions increase their walking speed by an impressive 28%. The other groups only increased their speed by 5%.

Why did the dog walkers have more spring in their step? Researchers suspect that dogs improve the walkers' balance and confidence. For more ways to boost your health and the health of your four-legged pal, watch all our smart tips, right here.