Why You Shouldn't Skip Your Vacation

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Hi, I'm young Dr. Mike with a fun health tip for you. Plan a weekend getaway, it can make you as happy as a month in Europe. People who take longer vacations aren't happier. It's the time of planning, that's key, and short ones that are taken frequently are much better for your bank account and better for you.

People who said their holidays were more relaxed had more post vacation happiness than those who's trips were stressful or neutral, but the trip didn't have to last forever. Most people return to their pre-vaccation mood within 8 weeks of a trip, but you can make the glow last a lot longer. Happiness goes up when you're planning a trip, so start researching places, and day dream about your next vocation now, and plan those trips very frequent. You plan them every 8 weeks, you'll stay happy, almost forever just thinking about your vacations.

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