Sip Chamomile Tea to Stress Less

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Hi, Dr. Kelvin Soden here with a great way to unwind and stress less. Next time you're feeling frazzled, brew a cup of chamomile tea, in a small study of people with anxiety, stress symptoms drop by about 50% when they took a German chamomile supplement daily for eight weeks. In the study, people took anywhere from 220 to 1100 milligrams of chamomile extracts daily, but Chamomile Tea is another easy way to get a daily dose of this herbal remedy.

Just deep three, or four hipping table spoons in hot water several times daily, and the nicest news of all there are few side effects from chamomile in the small study. Researchers suspect that the flavanoids in Chamomile have something to do with its soothing effects. What could be the compounds in chamomile bind to the same receptors as anti anxiety medications do.

Chamomile may even affect the way certain brain chemicals act on nerves, this maybe another reason why many people find drinking chamomile tea at bedtime helps in sleep, so when you're feeling stressed sip a cup of chamomile tea. To learn about other easy ways to manage stress and live better watch and share all our smart tips right here.