How to Have a Healthy Commute

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Hi Dr. Mike Roizen here with a smart tip if you have a long daily commute. Long commutes aren't great for your health. They eat in your exercise time and add to your sitting time and people who sit all day are more likely to pack on pounds, which makes you older. So, here's how to make your commute a little better and yourself younger.

Schedule time to work out several days a week, either before, during or after your work day. Get up from your desk at least every two hours. Walk around the building or parking lot for a minimum of five minutes a day, and use the commuting time to unwind with music, talk radio, or audio books.

Do some progressive relaxation when you're stuck in traffic. You know kents muscles in your feet then relax them, work your way up to your shoulders and hands. Pack healthy snacks for the road, so you're not tempted to go through the drive through. For more ways to make yourself younger, watch all our health tips.

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