How Does Stress Affect My Body?

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So stress is the number one cause of something we in integrated medicine call inflammation. What happens with stress is that the body goes into a fighting mode constantly. It always feels like it's fighting a war, waging a battle rather than having time to relax. So a lot of different things happen.

Your cortesol levels go way up which affects all your other hormone levels. You deplete the body of essential nutrients especially the B vitamins which are responsible for almost every function of the body, and you really will have altered sleep cycles, altered energy levels because of this play between cortesol levels going up, nutrient depletion and overall inflammation in the body.

So stress, the reasons is stress get over played, I feel like people talk about, ohh I'm stressed, I am stressed, it's not healthy for me. But it's really big deal and we've kind of dumped it into this large term, but stress has some biological and physiological properties that really change the body, that really alter how healthy we all are and can affect our long term health.

I mean there is a lot about and not only anxiety, but also a lot of the chronic disease we're dealing with in this country obesity, heart disease all of them are linked back to inflammation caused by excessive stress.