How Does Progressive Muscle Relaxation Reduce Stress?

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Progressive muscle relaxation reduces stress because you've now gotten your body used to being able to be relieved and to be stress free from a muscle perspective, if your body is used to that kind of a mechanism when you go to do it either preventively or in the moment it's going to work much better and it's going to have a longer lasting effect, so it's great in the short term and it's great in the long term but you've got to practice it in the time that you don't need it so you get to use it and set your finger tips you do need it and what progressive muscle relaxation actually does is you're pushing yourself against tension surface to be able to create your muscles to expand and then to contract and in that process they're relieving themselves and they're also relieving themselves of the kind of oxidants and the negative chemicals in there that may tighten them and give you the pain which then will only make you angrier so lessing all of that will on top of everything lessen your anger.