Expert Tips on Stress Reduction

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When I have tension in my life I feel it in my muscles especially in my hips, my lower back from years in doing surgery, so I lean forward touch my fingers to my toes and then I relax one knee and then I rotate and relax the other knee you go back and fourth it called happy move.

Shopping I work all the time so I like to online shop, I'm a one click maniac. Taking a long run is what makes me feel so much better it clears my head I feel more awake and I feel more empowered to deal with whatever stress there is in my life. I actually love going to Krav Maga.

Krav Maga is a form of Israeli martial arts and I get to hit so it helps me to release a lot of tension and a lot of stress I feel great I want to have class sometimes two hours I get to do punches I get to throw kicks and I leave smiling. Personally what I love to do is I love to go hiking that's why I started Skin Cancer Take A Hike first skin cancer prevention.

I love to exercise and be outdoors I love to like lie down on my rag and play with my kids those are the things I do to reduce stress.