Exercise for 20 Minutes, Feel Happy for 12 Hours

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller with a simple tip to boost your mood for the next 12 hours. Just walk for 20 minutes, that's what a recent study revealed. A short, moderately paced workout produced feel-good brain chemicals that lasted up to 12 hours. In the study, college students either rested quietly for 20 minutes, or pedal the stationary bike in a mile to moderate pace.

Both groups reported lower levels of negative emotions like anger, depression, fatigue, and tension for up to two hours after the experiment, but only the cyclers continued to enjoy a happier mood, a full 12 hours after the workout session. That's because exercise produces mood enhancing brain chemicals.

Here's the catch though, for an on going effect on your temperament, you need to exercise all or most days of the week, not just once in a while. So put on those walking shoes. For more ways to shape up and be happy, check out all our health tips, right here.