What Is Behavior Therapy for OCD?

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[MUSIC] Behavior therapy for OCD involves a a focus on the symptoms in the hear and now. Unlike some of the traditional, psychodynamic approaches to OCD we don't try to interprate the symptoms. If somebody comes in with concerns about fickle contamination we don't try to get a better understanding of their toilet training when they were 3 years old, we don't think that's really fruitful.

We focus on the hear and now, what are the situations that provoked their symptoms, what are the ones that are the most disturbingly work their way up the list and actually exposing them to the very things that bother them and teach them tools so that they don't have to perform the rituals.

The more they perform the rituals or the compulsions they more they reinforce that there's something to fear and the more they really empower the illness that we call OCD.