What Are the Pros and Cons of Behavior Therapy for OCD?

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The pros of behavioral therapy or that it doesn't involve physical side effects that you would have with medications. It's been shown to be effective. It gives the patients to set tools that they can use the adorable so even after they have finished their therapy, they can still use those tools even if they are seeing a therapist.

There aren't that many advantages of corns in the case of behavior therapy. The biggest problem is the ability of the patient to adhere to it, so often normally we say the patient we think we need to have behavior your therapy may ask what is that the adherence to what we require them to do in exposure is really the problem in fact I would say that the biggest con to behavior therapy it usually increases anxiety before anxiety subsides so not to do the exposure not perform your rituals means you can become anxious and some patients for a ready so anxiety they may not be able tolaret to behavior therapy.