The Karaoke Cure: Sing Away Stress and Boost Self-Esteem

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Hi, I'm Doctor Miller. Do you believe in the power of music? Having just the right tunes can fuel you work out or melt away stress at the end of a long day. I admit certain songs always make me smile and others make me a little misty. In fact, music's healing powers are so therapeutic that it's used in hospice care and for treating children who've been abused, and research has shown that learning to play an instrument improves memory and other mental powers by firing up nerve pulse rate in your brain.

But what about Karaoke? Good news for devotees of this last refuge of the musically hopeful. Singing on or off key improves breathing, and that's good for many parts of your body and brain. A recent study from Japan found that the benefits of singing Karaoke are far reaching and life extending.

It seems that singing Sinatra or even Errol Smith, relieves stress and boosts self-esteem and confidence, and it helps build your social connection. So grab that mic and sing your heart out. For more ways to boost your health, check out all our Smart Tips.