Relieve Stress with a Hug

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Hi, I'm Barbara Ficarra with a quick tip to relieve stress. Give someone a hug. Hugs are linked to warm, fuzzy feeling. Those good feelings can lower your heart rate and blood pressure which is even better. Studies show that a hug from a loving partner can ease stress in people both before, and after a difficult time.

One study of pre-menopausal women revealed that those who received the most hugs and massages from their significant others at their highest level of oxytocin, that's the hormone and brain chemical linked to happy feelings. Oxytocin can also keep your blood pressure in check when you're stressing out about an upcoming event, or trying to recover from a nerve wracking experience. It works directly on the heart and blood vessels to keep them calm when tensions rise.

So next time you are feeling the pressure, don't be shy about asking for a hug, both of you will fee better for it. For more ways to stay calm and healthy, watch all our smart tips, right here.