Health Benefits of Love

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Love is in the air and I'm not just talking about romance. The best part about love is that you don't need a romatic partner or spouse to experience rewards that come to make caring relationships. Have a very connect with a friend, a relative or child make you feel a similar level of safetly, happines and calm as a romantic relationship would.

This is because when you're with people you care about your brain releases more oxytocin. A neurotransmitter sometimes called the love hormone oxytocin decreases feelings of stress while increasing your sense of trust and lowering feelings of fear. In the beginning stages of any relationship its normal for our stress hormones to be high because of the uncertainty of whether the other person feels the same for you as your relationship progresses through those chemical starts to dip and oxytocin takes over stresses replaced by trust, so whether you discover the possiblity of new love, call a close relative or need up with a good friend.

Connecting with the people in your life will give you those warm fuzzy feelings of happiness. Spread the love and share the message with all of the loved ones in your life.