Feel-Good Healthy Snacks

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Hi. I'm Dr. Kevin Soden. Think that junk food makes you happy? Think again. Research shows that certain foods like potato chips and that candy bar may bring on the blues. In a study of middle-aged volunteers, subjects were classified by their typical diet the whole food group typically ate plenty of fruits vegetables and fish.

The processed food group, they ate fried food, sweets, refined grains, processed meat and high fat dairy. The groups were studied for five years and the result showed that the processed food group was 58% more likely to experience depression. Research suggests several reasons for this result, first protease heavy diets deliver lots of foliage which enhances communication between brain cells.

Second, fruits and vegies also are packed with antioxidants, which are linked to lower rates of depression. And finally there's fish. Research has shown that long chain omega-3 fats which are abundant in fish may defend against depression by reducing inflammation in the brain. So put down the chips, pick up the carrot sticks.

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