Boost Your Mood With More Veggies

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Hi, Dr. Oz here with a feel good health tip for you, add more veggies to your dinner tonight. These separate time size don't just make your waistline little, they put a big smile on your face too. I'm talking about carrots, egg plants, squash and lima beans. Frankly, just about any other vegetables, you get your hands on.

Research confirms that people who eat the most vegetables have the brightest moods. In one study, people who filled their diets with vegetables and skipped meat all together, had happier moods compared with people who ate any form of animal protein. Vegetables as well as plant based proteins like nuts have been mood booster called alpha-Linolenic acid. AOA is a plant based fatty acid that helps keep a lid on an inflammatory compound linked to depression.

Eating lots of vegetables and no meat have lots of emotional upsides in the study, including less anxiety, less depression and less hostile feeling. But if you're not ready to go vegan, no fear, just give more space in your plate to those veggies. Your mood and the rest of you will be happier for it. To discover more get happy strategies, keep watching all of our health smarts right here.