Best Friends Boost Your Health

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Solty[sp?]. I have got a great reason for you to spend more time with your friends. An active social life helps to protect you and them from high blood pressure, stress and information, and there is some evidence that may even raise your odds for surviving breast cancer and bypassing heart attacks.

 It's even better to spend quality time with your best friend. I mean true confidence, the pokes with whom you share everything from a bad joke to bad news, you do even more for each others health than regular friends. Your sheer generosity and support, slash each other's odds for memory loss and disability.

Even better, BFF's increase the chances you'll be able to manage everything from meals to meds later in life by whopping 150%. Researchers can't pinpoint what exactly makes BFFs so powerful but they know what happens. As long as you have one or two with them, count yourself lucky and make time to spend time together.

You're doing something good for both you and them. I'm Dr. Kevin Soden for more tips to live longer and better, watch all our health smarts videos.