5 Keys to Make Healthy Changes

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Hi I'm Barbara Faccaro with five simple steps to help you make real lasting changes in your life. You might sometimes know exactly what it takes to be healthier but something holds you back from doing it. It comes down to what you think,use these five tips to make your healthy transformation.

Number one, create a compelling reason to change. For example maybe you want to eat better to set a good example for your kids. Number two, don't associate pain with a desired action. Find something about the change you can enjoy, [xx] about discipline and sacrifice. Number three, the threatening routine, are you trying to break a habit like smoking or swearing? When you find yourself doing the unwanted action, do think and say something that completely ridiculous to make yourself stop.

If you start cursing for example, [xx] backwards. Number four, change the story. What story are you telling yourself that's holding you back? Give it a more positive spin. Number five, don't wait until you feel like changing, act, even when you don't want to. Sometimes you just need to do it, the purpose and passion will come.

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