How Can a Psychologist Help Me Deal with My Anger and Depression?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Judi Hollis, and you've asked can psychological counseling help with anger and depression? Well, most definitely. Sometimes all we really need is for someone to hear us and see us and listen to us, so psychological counseling can help a great deal in that. Also, in some counseling, you'll be asked to express your anger, sometimes, batting pillows, sometimes screaming ragefully, and these are all positive outlets to your anger and can help you feel not so afraid of the fact that you might be acting that out in some other area, and usually your depression is anger turned inwards, so we very often go to looking at the abuses, looking to your resentments and helping you get those out, writing them on paper, expressing them in group and in individual therapy. And seeing sometimes the validity for your feelings very much so and how it's not wrong to have these feelings, none of these feelings are wrong, it's just that as adults we learn ways, positive and constructive way of expressing them and releasing them.