Fight Depression by Saying Thank You

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Soden. Here's a simple way to help prevent depression and boost your overall health, just say, thank you. People who practice this virtue feel 25% happier, they also tend to have better friendships, eat healthier, workout longer and have stronger immune systems. Here's how to say thank you and mean it.

Make gratitude a daily habit. Keep a gratitude journal or share what you're thankful for over dinner every night. If you've got kids, make this a nightly ritual and have them join in, and do this even on bad days, especially on bad days. Be honest. It takes emotional honesty and a little bit of vulnerability to give a meaningful thank you. Commit to at least a couple of heartfelt thank yous every day.

Thank your spouse for making dinner. Make a pointer thanking a co-worker who helped you on a project. Write a special note to a friend who's been important in your life. For more ways to live better, check out all our smart tips, and thank you for watching.