Break a Sweat to Sleep Better and Fight Depression

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Hi, Dr. Clark here. I've got a healthy tip to help you sleep better. If you want to catch you zees, workout. In a study of people with insomnia, those who tried an upbeat exercise program and broke a sweat saw a greater improvement in their sleep, than people with less active hobbies. The key was perspiration. The exercise group did four 30-minute workouts a week at 75% of their max heart rate.

That means jogging, brisk walking, or riding a stationery bike at a good cliff. The vigorous exercisers also reported less daytime sleepiness, and fewer symptoms of depression. The other group spent time on non-athletic activities like going to a museum or attending classes. These are enlightening activities, but they didn't help with sleep.

Exercise may enhance sleep because it elevates your mood. Depression and bad moods harm your sleep. For more ways to sleep better and stay healthy, watch all of our smart tips, right here.