Best Treatment for Menopause and Depression

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz here with a tip for the ladies. Has menopause brought on a battle of the blues? When estrogen starts to ave, hot flashes can be joined by depression. Volunteers in a large study women across this country show that they're two to four times more likely to have a serious battle depression after they hit early menopause versus before.

What can help? There's some evidence that a hormone therapy can lift or prevent menopausal depression. Talk to your doctor about this, since there are some risks with hormone therapy. If the two of you agree, you're good candidate, ask about taking estrogen with a micronized progester plus two baby aspirin a day.

Lifestyle changes, and with meditation, Yoga and a smart diet can also help prevent depression. Also be physically active everyday and spend quality time with people you love, who love you. If these self help steps don't lift your spirits, or if you begin to feel even worse, talk therapy indoor and antidepressants may help you through the change.

The bottomline, you don't have to suffer with the blues. I'm Dr. Oz, for more strategies to be a smart patient, check all of our smart tips, right here.