What Are the Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders in Children?

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So anxiety disorders might be tricky because the kids could look like you and I. We all know the are very anxious kids, that are more panicky that would be agitated or you would even sit next to them and you would feel the anxiety coming off of them. But there are many types of other anxiety disorders that might be more internal and may be hard to see, but some typical things could be a lot of anxious kids have very physical complaints, sort of headaches and stomachaches, they may show up to the school nurse a lot.

Anxious children are also very, a lot of difficulty falling asleep, or might get up very early because they're anxious, some anxious kids have trouble eating, either eat too much or too little. A lot of times though, anxious kids need a lot of reassurance. They always need whether from a parent, an adult, a teacher how I'm I doing? Even when you get the reassurance, they're back again sort of asking for it.

And then another symptom might be having a panic attack, which in some kids may look like a temper tantrum, because if they feel they are going to be exposed to their anxiety, they could get quite anxious and panicky. So the parent might describe their kids as having tantrums when that actually might be anxiety and then another big symptom I think would be avoidance.

If you're anxious, you might avoid what you are anxious about, so some of these kids may not go to school, some of these kids may not want to go to a birthday party or to summer camp because of anxiety.