How Long Is the Healing Process for Children with PTSD?

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Sort of depends on the child's natural recovery process because actually most children exposed to a traumatic event will recover naturally. But some kids will need more help in that process. So what tends to happen with kids if they've experienced a traumatic event at a certain developmental level, and then they sort of put it in it's place and make sense of it and then lived their life and then they hit another developmental level maybe puberty or they teens and then they start thinking about the traumatic event again in a different more sophisticated way and then maybe they'll need tune up another doze of treatment again at that stage and so then will provide more treatment for a few months or however long it takes, few months to six months or a year and then they'll live their life and then maybe when they're young adults so they'll need another tuneup.

So sometimes when a traumatic event happens to a child they need to reprocess it at increasingly sophisticated levels of cognitive development.