How Do You Help Children with the Stigma Associated with Mental Illness?

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It's more challenging for teens and adults, children, fortunately, don't know yet, that they should be ashamed for seeking healthcare for mental health issues and of course they shouldn't be ashamed, no one should be at healthcare. That said, what I'd like to do is instill hope.

And most evidence based treatments are not an ending treatment, there are treatments that last for six months or so and we have specific goals and I'd like to have teens and and parents be very aware of what their goals are and how are doing and in tracking our progress toward meeting those goals so it's a very sort of face valid you're in control too.

Let me if something is bothering you or if you're feeling like discouraged by this process. I think sometimes people can be concerned that we do magic or there's some type of secret stuff that we're thinking and I try to be very open and say exactly what I'm thinking to decrease that worry.