Help Kids Cope With Anger

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All kids have the occasional meltdown, but some, especially those with HDHD are especially prone to emotional outbursts. Hi, I'm Dr. Altman, so how can frustrated parents help their kids deal with their anger more effectively, try this tip, think of anger as a container issue, each child has a certain capacity for powerful emotions, if that container gets too full the result can be temperate tantrum.

Because kids are young and still developing, they naturally have a much smaller anger container than an adult and kids with ADHD may have an even smaller capacity for anger your goal is to avoid adding even more negative emotions to your kid's container. For example let's say he's jealous of his brother and you scold him for feeling jealous so then your child has to contain the feeling of being jealous, guilt about being jealous and sadness about being misunderstood.

That's a recipe for a melt down. So when you view you child's anger with the container model, you can take steps not to add to his frustrations and instead focus on helping him understand his emotions, and learn to express them in more constructive ways. I'm Dr. Altman, checkout all our smart tip for more ways to raise happy healthy kids.