Are Kids Being Over-Diagnosed with Mental Illnesses?

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I think it's an interesting topic. I think that there is no question that sometimes the field will over-diagnose people, but the field is a broad definition, it's a broad range of professionals, pediatricians, neurologists, teachers, social workers, psychologists, anybody who has any kind of contact with the kid can technically say that kid has OCD or that kid has ADHD.

There is a lot of times we get cases where teachers will say parents will come, and say the teacher thinks that my child has ADHD, so we have a benefit of doubt of saying, OK, let's then systematically look let's use the rating scales, let's look at the symptoms, where is it happening, could there be something else that could be explaining it, whereas if the parent instead of coming into a professional psychiatric or mental healthcare professional went to the pediatrician, pediatrician could say, yeah, sounds like ADHD, here's medicine for it.

So I think as a field, we have to be tighter about who is diagnosing and who is prescribing this medicines.