Are Children Overmedicated for Disorders Like ADHD?

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I think there was a recent study that came out that says that we are not over medicating children and this is something I say over and over again and I strongly believe that there are far more people for every one person that does get diagnosed and gets treated, there's three more that don't.

And find a lot of people who come into my office with symptoms of ADHD as adults and they are in their 40s and 50s and they are saying that I never knew my entire life that I had ADHD and if I had been diagnosed and if I hadn't gotten treatment I would have been so much further along with my life and my career and my relationships than I am right now.

So I think that we are having more awareness and appropriate awareness and that there is appropriate treatment. I definitely think that there is a big psychosocial component so that when I was doing child psychiatry as part my residency training I did it at Bellevue N.Y.U. Hospital and I met a lot of families that were troubled, talking about low socioeconomic, low education, very little insight, it was a lot of volatility and sort of domestic violence in the family and drug abuse.

So of course, you are going to take a patient once a week to therapy, it's not going to do very much you have to change. These children have behavioral disorders and there's a variety of insults. We're talking about kid who's born in uteral, mother's using substances and was not getting proper nutrition.

So when these kids go on to develop ADHD and we do know that smoking and certain substances will end up causing conduct disorder or ADHD or behavioral problems. You really have to change the whole system and that's the hardest thing. So I think that there is just more awareness and that there might be more resources than we had before in detecting it but I don't think that we are over diagnosing the problem.