Teach Your Kids to Reduce Stress & Avoid Burnout

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Hi, I'm Dr. Altman with an important tip about your kids' well being, especially if you are going through a tough patch. If your teens can't seem to care about their homework, or cynical about schools, or think they are just not measuring up, look in the mirror, you may unknowingly be giving them your burnout.

One study found out that burnout contagious especially if you are worried about money. Burnout and the stress that comes with it seriously messes with your body. It raises your risk of type II diabetes. If you can't change your job or life situation, do your best to cope with the one you have.

Try the stiff breathing exercise. Put your finger on your belly button, take a deep breath and watch your belly move away from your spine. Exhale super slowly, let it take about seven seconds. This modifies the stress signals that are sent to your brain, and it's a great tool to share with your kids to help them cope with their own stress.

I'm Dr. Altmann, for more ways to help your family relax and live better, watch all our health smart videos.