What Are the Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?

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The main symptoms of bipolar disorder would be first of all being very, very depressed, so depressed that you can't get out of bed, and then having a manic phase at some time later where you are so energetic, you feel superior to everyone else, you have so much energy that you're unable to sleep, you feel that you can conquer the world, you feel that you're almost invincible, and you tend not to sleep, you tend not to eat, but then you also tend to alienate other people.

You tend to be irritable with other people because of this superhuman energy that you have, and then what happens? Then eventually you crash down to the ground, and then you back in that depression again. And this is what we see with bipolar disorder, going from that manic phase where you're all the way up here, and then you crash down into that depression where you can barely move, you barely have any energy.

You can also look at something called Cycling Bipolar, where between 48 - 72 hours, you're bouncing back and forth from your depressed mood to your manic mood, back to your depressed mood, and you continue that particular cycle.