How Is Bipolar Treated?

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The treatments for bipolar disorder varies. If you're having what we call a regular bipolar disorder then certainly the treatment of choice would be medication and psychotherapy, a lot physicians tend to use a drug called lithium. If you're having the rapid cycling, in other words going from depression to mania within a 48-72 hour period, then we look at again psychotherapy, but also two medications in particular.

One of those being valproic acid and the second one being carbamazepine. Though many physicians and psychologists will tell you that when you have some sort of a bipolar disorder that you should be on some sort of medication. There are many others who say well, that's not enough and I happen to be one of those professionals who says certainly you should have talk therapy to discuss what it feels like to have bipolar disorder, because it is a burden that people carry but once they are in treatment they actually do feel better.

We talk about palliative care where you have your physician who can sympathise and empathize with what you're going through and therefore will listen to you and be that ear and shoulder that you need as far as how difficult it is to having the bipolar disorder. And family therapy is also extremely important because someone with bipolar disorder, which is a very serious mental illness, certainly there are issues within the family, where you want the family to be supportive but they also need to be able to talk about, what it's like to deal with that situation where people need to be supportive for one another within the family system.